Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Dear Amy's, where is your cheese from?

I recently bought one of your Spinach Pizzas. I saw the word "organic" on the box when I was buying it, but then when I got it home I realized it just says it's "made with" some organics.

It seems that the part of the product that's not organic is the cheese. So I'm curious: Is the cheese just regular cheese from a factory farm? How does that fit with your mission? How do you justify that?

It seems you have just above the legal minimum for the "made with" organic label. One might be led to the unfortunate conclusion that, as opposed to having sourced organic ingredients due to a genuine committment to healing our Earth, you were simply gaming the regulations in order to present an appearance of concern to your caring but insufficiently wary customers.

I'm hoping you can provide some response that would give me reason to trust your intentions.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mungojelly,

Thanks for your email. I am happy to answer your question.

Amy's Kitchen has very strict requirements for their cheeses. The milk must come from cows that have not been treated with rBST. The cheese must be made without any animal rennet or rennet derived from genetic engineering. The cheese must taste great and melt to perfection when heated. And, as a more practical consideration, the cheese cannot be so expensive that it would make Amy's Kitchen's products unaffordable for our customers.

In our first few years of production, we could not find good quality organic cheeses that met these requirements. Over the years, more suppliers have made organic cheeses that meet our composition and flavor requirements and the costs of organic cheeses have come down as well. Because of this, we are now able to incorporate more organic cheeses into our products. The Cheese Lasagna, Cheese Enchiladas, Burrito Especial and Mushroom Olive Pizza now contain some organic cheese.

Our Quality Assurance Department has very strict requirements for each and every shipment of cheese. Our staff have visited the cheese plants of each and every supplier to assure they have systems in place to avoid any contamination with unacceptable chemicals or compounds. In addition, we periodically send our cheeses out for pesticide testing; all results have been ND (non-detectible). So even though our products may contain a mix of both organic and conventional cheese, you should feel comfortable that all our cheeses, conventional and organic, meet a very high standard for purity in the industry.

Amy's Kitchen is dedicated to making the highest quality products for customers like you. Thank you for contacting us and I hope you feel satisfied that our cheese and other dairy ingredients meet some of the highest standards in the food industry.

Best Regards,

Carol Tamagni
Customer Relations

3:21 PM  

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