Friday, September 30, 2005

Something make me happy!

Have you ever think about something make you happy?

Yes, of cause we are not always happy,but if you are upset, just think about that. You can find happiness in your around! If you fell bad, what would you do?

For instance, sweets and delicious foods make me feel happy.We might not realize that if we have something sweets, your face into smile. Don't you think lunch is delicious when you have it talking with friend? and also eating out with my friends is fun. but I'm a little concerned about my weight... Enyway, sweets make me happy!

The other things, How about nature? It's like trees, flowers, air, stars... atc They don't seems to do nothing, but I wonder they make us feel good and relax, and they make me feel happy!

I think, Whatever things we can make it out! Don't you think so that? Even little things around by us ,we can make ourselves feel better. so there are so many ways we can be happy, if we are upset.

If you have mistake,but don't be so worry! You better luck next time! We shoud enjoy our life.

I found this little gem on the internet a long time ago-- I forget where, and google has forgotten also, so I thought it was important to bring it back.



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