Thursday, December 15, 2005


[11:35:25 AM] rachel_857: Hi there! I was checking out yahoo members and i saw your ad, anyways, yahoo thinks that you're my match.. ;)
[11:35:27 AM] rachel_857: do you want to check out my profile ?
[11:35:42 AM] mungojelly: that depends, are you a robot?
[11:35:46 AM] rachel_857: here, use this
[11:35:50 AM] rachel_857: you just need to sign in (its free) to get to me, my username's "CatLady".
[11:36:01 AM] mungojelly: ok but first i'm wondering whether you're a robot
[11:36:24 AM] mungojelly: are you or are you not a bot, now i remind you you're under oath
[11:37:02 AM] mungojelly: goddamn it, slashdot told me that you bots were getting smarter! i would like to see some intelligence!



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