Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Mice created with human brain cells

"But the brain poses an additional level of concern because some envision nightmare scenarios in which a human mind might be trapped in an animal head."

AP Wire | 12/13/2005 | Mice created with human brain cells

That's fucking ridiculous. It's funny that the singularity is so obviously filled with so many transformative and dangerous potentialities, and yet all the mainstream can come up with to be afraid of is this random nonsense.

If we could successfully build a human-like brain out of any substrate, then we would either already understand it or we would be in a much better position to understand it. At that point we would have the chance to see if we can transpose it to a Universal Turing Machine.

That's the ENDGAME, folks. Thinking about what we would do after we can build "human minds" in ways other than a human womb is like thinking, "Hmm, after he takes my King, then I can take his Pawn on B2..."

(By then we will have put away the chess set, and taken out the footbag or Monopoly.)



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