Wednesday, December 07, 2005

don't worry, robots are just toys

He has his own memory in the form of Sony memory sticks and he will remember where he left his favourite toy. Voice recognition is standard and he can now read out webpage content. He can sense just about anything including temperature, pressure, light and vibration.

Festive Robot Antics at Gadget Spy

There's a lot of talk about robots that almost pretends as if we're going to go along leaving things as they are until we've successfully created intelligent humanoid robots, at which point we will have a serious public debate about the ethical implications and then consider whether to actually roll them out.

In practice what we're really setting ourselves up to do is distribute each new technology to everyone in the universe In Time For Christmas and then later start thinking about what the consequences will be. For instance, the present ( presumably increasing) cheapness of cameras means that more more "toys" are going to be able to see record what goes on around them. We're rolling out a surveillance network undreamed of in human history, the plan is just to play around with it for a while see if it's any fun. Huh.



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