Thursday, January 26, 2006

Bush quietly undercuts

In 2003, lawmakers tried to get a handle on Bush's use of signing statements by passing a Justice Department spending bill that required the department to inform Congress whenever the administration decided to ignore a legislative provision on constitutional grounds.

Bush signed the bill, but issued a statement asserting his right to ignore the notification requirement.
Bush quietly undercuts laws with bill-signing statement

So look, how does this come down to: Who and what are the people who are actually in physical control of the money or goods involved? I hear that in Iraq they flew a billion dollars in cash over to someone on a plane. My mind boggles. And underpaid federal employees at desks, interpreting.

I saw a politician on C-Span today. Hmm who was it. Oh it was Dick Armey. And a caller was suggesting that the bills should be written in plain English. And Dick Armey literally could not get his mind around that idea. You could watch his brain trying to get itself all the way around the idea of the laws of the country being readable by the citizens of the country, and it would not fit. OK let's call that Problem #1. That is not the end of the list.

And these people run the country! (Note: Statement should be interpreted to mean that they don't.)



Blogger Old Fogey said...

Thanks for your lucid commentary on current events.

Thanks for your comment at my site--the first unsolicited comment i have received.

Besides sharing an interest in Taoist Tai Chi, we each have a link to the Digger Archives, although yours in more prominent.

11:58 AM  
Blogger mungojelly said...

The Digger Archives rocked by world when I was an impressionable teenager. That and Hakim Bey. Those were when I started to think that the internet might really change the world; I still do.

It has become a battleground, though. There are so many people fighting for attention. I don't try to be one of those people; I don't think it's a high road. Advertising. Bleh.

What I like to do on the internet is communicate with the millions of people who aren't Internet Famous. The people who write back. The people who'll listen to what I'm saying. I love to browse around Flickr at family pictures that no one else has seen; I love when it says Viewed Once.

You can fool people once. You can fool people a bunch of times. Still, the basic freedom energy of the internet will break through. The things that can transform may not get as much attention as the flashy things, but they'll be there, unstoppably progressing mind-by-mind.

How's your Tai Chi going? We're up to move 24 or so, in my class.


7:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"are you involved with them somehow?"

Not involved, just fascinated.

If I remember correctly one needs to be a member of a functioning anarchist collective rather than a single individual to affliate with them.

Ted: I provided a link to my source for that quote.

Thanks for your positive outlook.

Old Fogey

10:32 AM  

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