Sunday, January 01, 2006

famine in kenya

At least 20 people and hundreds of livestock have died as a result of the drought and severe food shortage.
IOL | Kibaki calls food crisis a 'famine'

Yeah, yeah, famine in Africa. Call me when you have a million dead, and maybe you'll get to share headlines with the latest American (by which I mean citizen of the US, the important country in America) who's skinned their knee.

When does it end? When does Africa become part of the world, a place that we pay attention to? We're already well into the information age. Anyone can pay attention to Africa just like I have, by subscribing to the BBC Africa feed or setting up a Google alert for "darfur." It would take ten seconds to end this blackout. People still are not choosing to.

Even now, Africa is the dark continent.



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