Thursday, December 15, 2005

Re: BUUYAN > Four square league!

I was trying to remember the rules for Four Square, but then I realized
that there's no way they play by the rules that I remember. The last time
I played Four Square was at Sudbury Valley School (SVS), which has no
mandatory activities, leaving lots of time to dedicate to serious
activities such as Four Square. At SVS the house rules are (I think I'm
remembering this correctly) that whoever is in the lead square gets to
make a RULE of their choice at the beginning of each round. A lot of the
rules are used over & over, for instance that you have to hop on one foot
is a pretty common one, which means that you can build your skill at each
particular rule. Often you know what rule someone is likely to pick if
they get in the lead-- and to displace them you have to beat them at their
own game-- but then it's also 3-on-1 so turnover is sufficient. That's
the kind of game that I like, with a comfortable core but the potential
for absolute novelty. SVS is a wonderful school, in many respects.



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