Tuesday, October 24, 2006

unsubscribe response to moveon


Too busy to read emails


Hello. I am an Anarchist. I'm also a Singularitarian. Our orientations & contexts are thus very different, so consider this an outside opinion.

Your emails are very demanding. They exude, in fact, a desperate need for attention.

It's not that I don't understand where this feeling is coming from. As a serious Singularitarian, I am well aware that we are in a tremendously dangerous and complicated situation.

This does not however change the psychic reality of the human experience. We can only make deliberate decisions in an atmosphere of calm, because of our ancient reflex responses to immediate danger.

It's not that to stand as one of my political voices and one of my political media I would want you to deny the seriousness of the situation. What would have held me with you would have been if you could stand against this situation without becoming another wailing alarm. If you could stand against it with equanimity and vision.

Yeah, so um, too much whining. Sorry.