Thursday, December 27, 2007

i read this on wikipedia & i felt tripped out:

"The phenomenal world is the dream of Vishnu.[citation needed]"

hehe, citation needed.. woo

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

two songs

a song about the internet:

it's nothing but some sentences upon a sparkling screen
but god bless us something happening; there's something those words mean
the world's people all together for the first time ever seen
because information wants to be free

so now we're all deciding how we want the world to be
and some people've started saying that's a sorry sight to see
but they can't take the internet away from you & me
because information wants to be free

they strung a couple wires in case someone dropped the bomb
i don't think they were expecting that we'd all come along
but now this place belongs to us and i'm singing you this song
because information wants to be free


you may ban me, reprimand me, if you don't like what i say
you may throw me down and cuff me if you think i'm in your way
but i'm clutching to my camera and the world is gonna see
because information wants to be free


it seems some folks are hoping that we'll just go away
they hope next time they start a war we won't have much to say
but we all know the rich & powerful have cause to be afraid
because information wants to be free



What If Ebvreyoinse Grew up PResidne:

what if everyone grew up to be president
why can't everybody have a say?
what if everyone grew up to be president
i really think it's possible someday

read my lips no new taxes
slick willy doesn't know what is is
and w said he'd unite us not divide
they say they'll represent us
till we start our four year sentence
then suddenly they're on the other side


choose one yale boy or another
pretend they're different from each other
when really you've no preference either way
or vote for a third party
if your soul is feeling hardy
and hope they count your vote before it's thrown away