Saturday, October 01, 2005

OK so here's a simple idea. (Ideas like this are really just little glimpses into what the future is going to look like; there's too many possibilities & probabilities to imagine them all at once, but we can look through little windows.)

IDEA: Put up a video screen on a wall, with a microphone & an internet connection. It listens to what's said around it & does searches to find pictures that match the words that people say. For instance if you said "Pakistan," a map of Pakistan might pop up. If you said "pop up," a pop-up book might appear.

This is like the associative play that our minds do with everything we see & hear, but instead of our own personal minds, it would bring up associations from our collective Mind. Inventions like this are going to become easier to stumble upon over time, bringing us all into a closer shared consciousness.



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