Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dear Google

My Blogger is all flickery. It thinks that it's lost its connection to you, even though it always gets it back momentarily. It gets it back so quickly, usually, that it's been difficult for me to read the little line of text that flashes down at the bottom. It's actually kind of neat (I dig flashing), but it's probably not working how you intended. Making it wait just a little bit longer before feeling sure that it's disconnected would probably get it out of this noisy patch, so it can be properly digitized.

Also your About page on Blogger links to which is a dead link. Also, when I tried to search on Dan Gillmor to find what you were trying to link to, all I found was a bunch of stuff about how you're being nonresponsive about Blogger. Also, there was no link to send you feedback, so I'm not actually sending this to you.




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