Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Guild System

I have no idea if this idea exists out there already & I'm catching a whiff of it, or if what I'm smelling is just the ripe baked aroma of the possibility of it.

It's an economic model, like the co-operative model,

-- and there my idea evaporated. The truth is that this blog is just a glimpse into my mind. I think the play of the creative mind is in being a little bit of everything. Be a doctor for a minute & see what it's like to Diagnose Pathology. Be a historian, momentarily, and write up a theory on the origins of the Civil War.

I just asked my friend in the UK about the Civil War. I wondered what to call it when I was writing it; I settled on "the American Civil War."

There are coal stains on the front of my monitor. I think it's coal.



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