Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Surprising to many, Ho Chi Minh was, in his early adulthood, a busboy in Boston at the Omni Parker House. (That was a quotation. It's odd how it's so formalized to put quote marks around quotations that it seems like lying not to. (In the future won't we just be able to SEE the quotationness of it? (Like Beethoven didn't put any quotation marks in his music. He and his contemporaries were just so culturally related and aware (or so small?) that they could perceive them. (Or maybe the references were more like in-jokes, or even, at the height of perversity, puzzles. (Bach. (God.))))))

I was surprised.

I grew up in Boston, and nobody ever taught me anything about Ho Chi Minh.

Wait, no, that's not true. I learned from my dad one chant. It goes: Ho! Ho! Ho Chi Minh! Ho Chi Minh Is Gonna Win!

I'm improperly structuring on purpose. This blog has very little connective or collective potential. Fundamental unspoken rules are being broken. This then is the shape of quietness, stillness, or solitude in these waters. (This is a place where few people come. (A beach.) (A blue sky.) This is the boring bramble, broken branches and ( ! ) thorns.

once i saw a place,
with my friends andy & sadiya,
other people were there too
but it's sadiya & andy that i'm thinking of now
they had made shapes out of pinecones & needles & leaves
just like the shapes we had made in other places
but theirs had a sort of romantic tingle to it
unless i'm just imagining that now
and i'm not entirely sure whether they told me
but i know for certain that they made love under that tree, real flesh bodies, and i bet they made noises
or i could be wrong

/ The TV's always full of people who are famous. (People become what they see. (Or they die trying. (Or they bring themselves to their point of weakness, trying. (And save themselves.) But lose what they wanted. (What they needed.) (But they're here, and from here they can still see God. (God.))))))

I've had a smidgen of medusa. Goddess. Let this all come right.



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