Thursday, November 17, 2005

The Schlorp System

So, you begin with a full bottle of juice. I drink it down to about 10% left. Then, fill back up to the top. You've got yourself a 10% schlorp, a schlorp of 10%. If it's something especially tasty-- this ginger/apple jack they have here in Burlington definitely qualifies-- it might even be worth a double schlorping. Once the schlorp gets down to 10%, fill up to the top again, for a 1% schlorp.

10% might not be where you draw the line. The question is (deep soul searching here): How much of that powerfully satisfying full-juice freshness do you want to sacrifice to the vision of a juice-enhanced water experience? It may be 20%, or it may only be 5%. You'll learn what's right for you.

An advanced technique: Continuous gradient schlorping. Add water as you drink, keeping the level hovering around 100%. Each sip is a little more schlorpy than the last.



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