Tuesday, November 08, 2005

non note now newly notorious

All of this memetic analysis is fascinating. It's the kind of thing we're able to perceive more fully when we have these more detailed histories. I could even imagine some very clear (perhaps even predictive) conclusions about the transformation of human societies might become obvious as we pull back this veil.

Here's a sort of philosophical question that I've been pondering: Does it add more historical clarity to take systematic samples, or scattershot? For instance, supposing that I take a fixed number of digital photographs per day, would it record a better history if I took them at random times, for various reasons, or if I took them in an organized way (perhaps triggered by particular events)?

I've been thinking about this since I wrote it. I've still been thinking that same thought. But hopefully it's developed a little and I can take it somewhere here.

What I've been trying to do lately is take pictures that encompass as much information as possible-- including especially the information of how I am framing the picture. By taking pictures intentionally in ways that are clearer reflections of my own inner being, I can share information about what's most important to me.

What would really help get those ducks in a row would be sufficient time & location stamping. For instance if this writing (7:20 am nov08-05) were accurately timestamped, that would help with associating it with other events that might have intersected with it. In fact it does intersect with an article I recently read somewhere where they had put ducks in a line "literally" (sleep research), which is what caused the idiom "ducks in a line" to appear earlier in this paragraph.

I've been typing this in a Notes box that I don't actually use, so I'm going to transpose it to blogger. Hi blogger.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're an amazing man with an gorgeous mind.

I'm wondering why we try to capture anything...I sat on the beach watching the moonlight on the sea, and where the waves were breaking the lights flickered so brightly I was aware I was watching the rays of the sun and knowing, how the instant they had touched me, the second I had rippled with joy at their flashing beauty, they had gone and were changed.
And here they are for you, in my memories, which I'm happy to let go of, have deleted and be changed into however this makes you feel.
Oceans of love to you.
Pass it on.

2:18 PM  

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